PAIR OF SCRIMSHAW WHALE'S TEETH WITH WALRUS IVORY AND WHALEBONE STAND Mid-19th Century. Both teeth with bust portraits of gentlemen, one of a man in uniform identified in script lettering as ""Napoleon"" and the other in jacket and stock, identified in similar script lettering as ""W.C. ..."" (chips at base obscure full name). Both portraits with delicate floral and foliate surrounds. The quality and crispness of the engraver is of the highest quality and is comprable to the detail of a steel graved portrait. The teeth are mounted on a very decorative and eleborite whale bone and walrus ivory base. This two-tier whalebone stand with ball feet and turned whale ivory spikes at the corners of the top tier. Stand topped with a turned walrus ivory column set on a square plinth with ebony separators. Whalebone arms extend from stand to support teeth. 
Condition: The teeth are in excellent condition except for some old chips to the base of the tooth with the gentleman in jacket.
Dimensions: Height Overall height 8.5"". Width 10", Teeth Heights approx. 6.5"".
Provenance: James Abbe.
The Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection, Sotheby's New York, December 16-17, 1983, Lot #489.
Rafael Osona Auctions, The Barbara Johnson Collection of Scrimshaw and Whaling Artifacts, August 14, 1993, Lot #92."