Steel 50 blade knife signed: "P LANG GERMANY" below the the thumb knowtch  on the main 3 3/4 inch blade, and is Stamper "STAINLESS" at the base of the same blade circa 1970.  The word "STAINLESS" is stamped at the base of the blade. The knife has polished steel blades, each providing a unique function which can be opened from the handle from both sides of the knife.  The knife has beautiful mother of pearl grips which have steel screws and are divided at the center of each grip with a thin steel plate in the middle. There are twisters and other tools which slide out of the end of each of the four sections of the mother of pearl grips. At the top of the knife is a prominent blade which was designed for cleaning out horse hoofs which gave this knife design the nick neme "horseman's knife".
Note:  The Pius Lang Cutlery Company was founded in 1852 and is considered one of the greatest and longest operating knife companies in the world. 
Condition:  Outstanding. 
Dimensions:  Length closed 4 3/4 inches; Thickness 1 1/2 inches.