Large and heavy polychrome scrimshaw whale's tooth, attributed  to the naval monument engraver, American, circa 1840. The obverse depicts a naval battle titled in pinpoint lettering below scene “The President Engaging the Endymion, While Pursued by the British Squadron." All vessels identified above the title. Polychrome flags and pennants. Reverse depicts a naval battle titled in pinpoint lettering "The Peacock and Epervier." Images on both obverse and reverse are inspired by illustrations in "The Naval Monument" published by A. Bowen in 1816. 
Condition: The tooth has a deep mellow patina. There are some typical age cracks on both sides of the tooth. A few chips at the base of the tooth have been filled.
Publication: The tooth is illustrated full page in three color photos. There are also black and white images of the original steel engravings from which the illustrations on the tooth were based. The book is titled “Through the Eyes of a Collector” by Nina Hellman. 
Note: The battle between the USS Peacock and the HMS Epervier occurred on April 29, 1814.
Provenance: The Thomas Mittler Scrimshaw Collection."
Dimension: Length 8 inches.