Rare brass and nickel late 19th Century floor standing binocular telescope probably English. The pair of front lenses have a diameter of 2 ¼ inches and are set into brass discs mounted into the end of a pair of nickel tubes that are held rigidly apart with a front and rear mounted brass bracket on the top of the tubes. The back of the pair of tubed have brass tubes which has a brass rack and pinion focusing device with nicely machined round focusing knobs for fine focusing. There are a pair of sliding nickel tubes that fit inside the brass focusing tubes that slide back and fourth and can be used for rough focusing. The binocular telescope sits into a brass bracket mounted at the top of the Mahogany tripod. There are a pair of wing nuts which when unthreaded allow the scope to be removed from the tripod. The top of the tripod is round and there are three mahogany legs with are held with a set of mahogany collapsible stretchers.
Condition: The binocular telescope is in excellent working condition except for a few minor dings to the barrels. The tripod is also in fine condition with original finish. (I-922)
Length of main tube #1 ½ inches
Full length of the instrument collapsed 32 ¾ inches
Height from floor to top of telescope 62 inches
Diameter of lenses 2 ¼ inches