Bronze gangway board, was from a 19th century American Navel circa 1860. The gangway board is has a rectangular shape with a domed top. The patriotic motifs include sun rays with thirteen stars, above a pair of American flags, above an American shield, above cross cannons, above a banner with the inscription: "E Pluribus Unum".  The border has raised rope work with circular motifs in the bottom corners.  The bronze is a quarter inch thick and has mounting holes along the sides and bottom. This board was clearly one of a pair and may be a unique casting done specifically for a single vessel.  The construction quality and quality of design is outstanding.  It is a rare American maritime artifact. The gangway board has a custom wood stand of a later date. (FA-1105) 
Condition:  The gangway board is in excellent condition and has a deep verdigris surface. 
Dimensions:  Height 40 1/4 inches; Width 15 3/4 inches; Depth 3 1/4 inches.