Exceptional teak and ebony rare three-part China Trade bookcase secretary, circa 1850. All three sections of the chest have a pair of side mounted brass carrying handles. The contrasting ebony and teak woods have a very dramatic appearance with e strong color contrast.
The top bookcase section has a top ebony molding trim on the front and sides and ebony doors. The doors have an open work brass wire front that is woven in an attractive and complex pattern. The inside of the bookcase section has 5 movable wood dividers with a fancy decorative pattern on the front edge.
The bottom two sections have rounded front corners and handsome moldings on the top and bottom of the bottom two sections. There are fancy ebony grooved molding strips surrounding all of the teak drawers.  The middle section has a full length pull out drop front desk.  The desk section has a locking door with an open compartment above a drawer. The key to the door is in the drawer. There are sever other drawers as well as divided sections with the same front edge pattern as the dividers in the top section. The drop-down panel has a black leather writing surface with a gold border. Below the desk section is a pair of drawers.
The bottom section has two full length drawers. All of the drawers retain the fancy brass flip up bail drawer pulls. All of the drawers have brass string inlay around the border of the drawers. The chest sits on four, turned, round shaped, ebony feet.
This is a very rare form of campaign furniture and is one of the most sophisticated given the three sections, fancy contrasting exotic woods, brass string inlay, brass carrying handles and rounded corners and molded edges. (F-553)
Condition: The chest is in very good condition. It retains as what appears as its origianal finish that has not been restored. There is some typical shrinkage in some of the seams.
Dimensions: Height 66 1/2, Width 44 1/2, Depth 20 1/4 inches