Gouache titled in pencil  on the reverse"Family Favorite" GOUACHE On 300 1B Hot Press and signed Donald Demers 4/27/95 and signed and dated on the back Don Demers 1995.  The painting depicts a cat boat with the name Rose Wind on the transom sailing away from the viewer with a well dressed family of four on board. They are approaching Brant Point, Nantucket  with the lighthouse at the end and a large home to the left. There are 2 other cat boats to the left and a flag pole and a pair of masts from a schooner in the distance. The painting is extremely well detailed and the composition is stiking. This is a fine example of the master 20th century marine artist. (PA-876)
Condition: The painting and frame are in excellent condtion.
Note: The reverse of the painting bears the label of Robert Wilson Galleries who was the retailer of this painting. The painting was sold at this Nantucket Main Street Gallery in 1995.
Dimensions of Painting (sight): Height 13 3/4", Width 18 3/4"
Dimensions of Frame: Height 15 4/8", Width 23 5/8"