Scrimshaw whale Ivory Whistle American third quarter 19th century. The whistle is constructed of two pieces of whale ivory separated by a baleen spacer. The whistle is in the form of a “naughty ladies’ leg” and has a highly articulated boot with buttons, sole and heel. The top front of the whistle has a “V” shaped cut out for the sound hole and a wood inlay with a slot to blow the air through. Wrapping the calf is a scrimshaw decorated garter belt around the calf of the leg. (SC1107)
Condition: The whistle is in excellent working condition and has a mellow age patina.
Reference: Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders by E. Norman Fladerman,1972. A very similar whistle probably by the same hand is illustrated on page 55.
Length: 4 Inches