Exceptionally rare and important Chelsea "Commander" with carved base   No. 1. The clock has a 6 inch special silver dial with raised numerals and fancy pierced hands. The retailer's name, "W.W. WATTLES & SONS Pittsburgh", engraved below the numeral 12. The back of the case has a small raised section which states “CHELSEA CLOCK CO. BOSTON USA” made in 1912. On the case back on the flange near the numeral 12 is the stamped number 72892 and in smaller numbers near the numeral near the numeral 6. The clock has applied bronze Arabic numerals and retains the original fancy hands. The clock retains its original yellow brass case which sits on a yellow brass base which rests on the original carved No. 1 style wood base above the original blocked and ball brass feet.  The top of the carved base has a wonderful carved shell which projects above the clock case.  The lower portions of the back-plate are also carved.  The bottom of the base is curved and has a beautiful carved pattern above a molded base.  The number 72892 is stamped on the bottom of the wood base. There is a small label on the bottom of the base with a picture of the clock and it states " BASE OR SUPPORT FOR CLOCK PAT. APPROVED, 1905". The clock retains its original Chelsea eight-day time and house strike movement. (CL-605) 
Condition:  The case and feet have been polished and lacquered.  The dial has original surface with only minor mars.  The movement has been recently overhauled. 
Note:  A similar clock appears on page 14 of the "1911 Chelsea Clock Company Catalogue".  According to Andy Demeter, Chelsea clock historian and author of "The First Hundred Years The History of Chelsea Clocks", has stated that Chelsea “Commander’s” with No. 1 Carved bases are extremely rare and were built in various sizes.
Note 2: Jim Dyson Founder of the Chelsea Clock Museum has indicated that their were 3 6 inch carved base #1 clocks surviving including the one above, 5 of the 8 1/2 inch variety and 1 10 inch clock and 2 12 inch clocks. There were no clocks of the Carved No. 1 type known under 6 inches.Dimensions:  
Height 11 ¾, Width 10 3/4; Depth 5 ½, Inches.
Condition: The clock and base have been polished and lacquered. The base has its original wood finish and the dial is also in very good original condition. The movement has been overhauled.