Remarkable seven piece set of Haywood-Wakefield reed and rattan furniture made between 1899 and 1902 in Gardner, Massachusetts.  This set appeared in a Haywood-Wakefield catalog and was promoted as their premiere "high end" line as well as their most expensive.  The set is in its original brown color and is remarkably well preserved.  The set includes: Large and small arm chairs Large and small rocking chairs Two sest settee Wood top circular table Turkish seat All of the seats have an openwork decorative motif centered in the back flank by a pair of diamonds. Each of the backs are wide and have a serpentine shape.  The bases of all the seats have a beautiful scalloped lattice openwork pattern. This set has been together since the turn of the century and was discussed an illustrated in the Plainview Daily Herald, Plainview, Texas November 8, 1958. (F-454)  


Accompanying the set is a letter dated January 24, 1975 by Carl B. Lugbauer historian on the Haywood-Wakefield stationery to the owner in Plainview, Texas authenticating the set and indicating that they have issued five (5) certificates certifying all seven pieces (recognize that the two sets of chairs only have one certificate each).  Applied to each certificate is a photograph of the item.  This is one of the finest and well preserved documented set of American wicker furniture known.  
Condition:  Excellent.  All of the pieces are unrestored and retain their original untouch surface and patina.