Shadow box model, depicting the four masted barkentine the "William P. Frye", American, circa 1900.  The model has a carved and white-painted hull with a paper nameboard on her bow and stern. The vessel has white-painted wood spars and paper sails with pencil sail seams and reef points. The model is set into a painted plaster sea with light gray painted highlights at the crest of the waves. At the left corner, there is a small island with a tall lighthouse with an adjacent tall flagpole flying an American flag.  The American flag is flying off the gaff.  The sky is a bright blue with fluffy white clouds and painted seagulls. The shadow box has a period wood frame with gold liner. (SM-594) 


Note:  The barkentine "William P. Frye" was built and sailed out of Bath, Maine.  Traveling from San Francisco to England carrying cargo on January 28, 1915, she became the first U S merchantman to be sunk by the Germans in the First World War.  The "William P. Frye" was a very large vessel measuring 332 feet in length. 
Condition:  The shadow box model is in very good condition and has a mellow age patina. 
Dimensions: Height 20 3/4; Width 34 1/4 inches; Depth 4 inches.