Charming shadow box model, featuring a twin lighthouse complex and several watercrafts.  The shadow box has a green painted plastered sea. From right to left set at an angle are six masted schooner, a five masted schooner and two two masted schooners.  In the left corner is a brown painted carved hill with twin lighthouses and several lighthouse service structures with red painted roofs, typical of all lighthouse buildings. Near the edge of the hill is a tall flagpole flying an original American flag.  There are carved steps leading down the hill to a rectangular dock with a red roof small cottage. There's a double ended dory along the front side of the dock and a white-hulled steam tug approaching the dock.  The backboard and sides have a thin strip of green painted water.  Drawn in pencil along the horizon are two primitive renderings of steamboats.  The backboard and sides have a light blue painted sky.  The shadow box has a charming naive New England charm. (SM-597) 


Condition:  The shadow box retains its original gold leaf frame and bubble glass.  It is in very good, untouched original condition. Dimensions: Height 14 1/4 inches; Width 31 3/4 inches; Depth 8 inches.