Edward Moran 
                                                                                  (American  1829-1901) 
Oil on canvas signed lower left: 'Edward Moran', circa 1876. The painting depicts shipping at sunset with three men in a rowboat heading away from a schooner in the middle ground. A tugboat passes another schooner in the right distance, and several sails can be seen on the horizon. The distant ships are rendered insubstantial by the brilliance of the setting sun, which glints on the water and tints the clouds in hues ranging from gold to purple. The appealing pastel palette also includes rosy hues in the clouds and waves and the last hints of a blue sky at the top of the composition. Moran's lightness of touch conveys the impression of moving water and lends the picture a relaxed mood. (PA-685) 


Note: Thomas Moran is the best known of a large family of artists, including his brothers John, a landscape photographer, and Peter, an animal painter. Yet their older brother Edward was the first to leave the family's traditional occupation of weaving, and it was he who first taught Thomas and Peter the rudiments of painting and shared his studio with them. Working in Philadelphia in the 1850s, Edward Moran studied with Paul Weber, a popular teacher of Dnsseldorf-school landscape painting whose students included William Trost Richards and William S. Haseltine, but the marine painter James Hamilton had a greater influence on Moran's work.  On an 1861 trip to England, Thomas and Edward Moran discovered the work of J. M. W. Turner, and the pioneering English painter's sublime, light-filled canvases became the largest influence on both brothers' work. The frequency of marine subjects in Turner's oeuvre may have also influenced Edward Moran's interest in harbor scenes, which became his primary focus after moving to New York in 1872. 
Condition of painting:  Please refer to condition report by Yost restoration. 
Condition of frame:  The painting has a nineteenth-century style compo frame with a 23 karat gold surface. 
Dimensions of painting:  11 1/4 x 19 1/4. 
Dimensions of frame: Height 18 1/2; Length 26 1/4.