Exotic burlwood veneer decanter set with maker's label stamped: "Tiffany & Co. Union Square", circa 1873.  The decanter set has a rectangular shape with a rounded top and a molded base.  There are applied gilt and bronze mounts on the top and sides.  There is a plaque mounted to the center of the top with the engraving: "FROM" in conjoined initials: "SCY" for the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club.  The sides of the chest have flip-up bail handles.  The top flips back and the front splits and each of the two sides swing left and right exposing the velvet lined interior which houses three beautiful cut glass decanters with fancy faceted stoppers.  All of the hinges are gilded bronze as is the Tiffany label which is set into the back between the top hinges.  Each door on its interior has three gilt bronze shelves which hold the original glasses (one missing).  There is a draw below the decanters, when opened, exposes the silver lined humidor.  There are two sections to the humidor with a middle section for water.  Stored in a velvet pocket behind the decanters is a beautiful oval gilt bronze tray which is engraved on both sides.  The front side has the engraving:  Presented     To TheAtlantic Yacht ClubBy   The Seawanhaka Yacht Club     Won By Sloop Yacht Vixen  Capt Livingston   Oyster Bay, July 4th 1873. The reverse has the engraving: "Record of Winners of the Livingston Memorial Prize, Sloop Yachts". A list of 14 winning boats and their captains are then posted, one for each year, ranging from June 1875 to June 1888.  Following the list of yachts is a final inscription: "By resolution of Board of Trustees, A.Y.C., January 20, 1899, awarded to Ex-Commodore H.H. Hogins in perpetuity, he being the last winner." The quality of construction of the case, the quality of the wood and glass in this trophy are outstanding.  It is one of the most interesting trophies we have examined as well as being one of the most interesting Tiffany objects.  The list of yachts listed as winners were all famous in their day. (MI-361) 


Condition:  The decanter set is in excellent untouched condition.  There is some natural discoloration to the gilt bronze mounts on the case as well as some spotting on the back of the presentation tray. One glass is lacking.
Reference:  "The Yachts and Yachtsmen of America", edited by Henry A. Mott, International Yacht Publishing Company, 1894, p.370. "The Season of 1873"  "The year opened with the first anniversary dinner of the club given on January 15 at Delmonico's in New York City. ... This year the club again accepted an invitation to spend the 4th of July with the Seawanhaka Yacht Club in Oyster Bay Harbor, and the race was sailed by the yachts in both fleets for a prize offered by the entertaining club to the visitors.  In this race VIXEN, Ludlow Livingston owner, was the winner. Soon after this race Mr. Ludlow Livingston died, and his heirs receiving the prize, gave it to the ATLANTIC YACHT CLUB to be known as the Livingston Memorial and to be sailed for at each Annual Regatta as a yearly prize. It was to be awarded to the first yacht belonging to the class in which VIXEN would have sailed had she been present, irrespective of any time allowance.  The club accepted the gift and it has been sailed-for and won at each Annual Regatta since that time." 
Exhibition: The Decanter set was on exibition at the Flagler Museaum in Palm Beach titled Capturing the Cup: The Gilded Age" winter 2013.
Dimensions:  Width 12 3/4 inches; Depth 9 3/8 inches; Height 13 inches.