Antonio Jacobsen (American 1851 - 1912)

Oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right in red 'A. Jacobsen 1898 31 Palisade Av. West Hoboken, N.J.'  This dramatic painting depicts the white hulled New York pilot boat facing the viewer at an angle with a blue flag flying from her rear mast indicating she has taken the job of bringing in the steamship St. Louis.  The New York has her name painted on the bow and on the quarterboard and is shown in outstanding detail including the American flag flying off the stern.  There are several figures on board and to the right she has lowered her rowboat which is taking the pilot out to the St. Louis.  To the right shown at an opposite angle is a highly detailed portrait of the passenger steamship, St. Louis.  There is a flag flying from each of her two masts and American flag flying off her stern.  There is a throng of passengers gathered near the bow and a row of seven lifeboats along her starboard side The water and sky are outstanding examples of Jacobsen's middle period.  Jacobsen's paintings showing more than one vessel with angle views are rare and desirable. (PA-805) 


Note 1:  The St. Louis was built in 1895 by William Cramp & Son in Philadelphia for the American Line of New York.  She was 535 feet in length, 63 in breadth and 50 feet in draft. There is a sketch of this painting showing the pilot boat New York at the Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia.  And there is another oil painting depicting the same two vessels in a private collection in New Jersey. 
Reference:  Sniffen, Haroild S., 'Antonio Jacobsen's Painted Ships on Painted Oceans', The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia, 1994, p. 104.  A similar painting of the same size and painted the same year depicting the pilot boat New York and the steamship, Majestic, is shown on this page.  This painting which also shows the pilot in the rowboat shows both vessels at an angle only both in opposite directions. 
Condition of painting:  The painting has been recently cleaned and lined.  There is only minor scattered in-paint. 
Condition of frame:  The frame is a nineteenth century style compo base fluted cove with liner. The frame has 23 karat gold leaf surface. 
Dimensions of painting:  22 x 36. 
Dimensions of frame:  33 x 46 3/4.