Complex Whale ivory Pie Crimper American mid-19th century. The crimper is made from a large block of whale ivory and the handle has a rounded end as has a “Y” shaped split. The top section is carved in shape of a seal. Projecting from the seals mouth is a whale ivory fork and spoon which are attaches=d with brass pins. The two nostrils are inlaid baleen and the inlaid eyes are abalone shell. The lower arm is longer and is made with a second piece of whale ivory that projects out and holds the crimper wheel. There are two baleen spacers between a whale ivory spacer where the two sections of ivory join. The wheel has a fancy scalloped edge and the wheel is pierced having five wavy spokes. The top of the crimper has a partial circular ring that has a bit of swing. (SC-1100)
Reference: "Ingenious Contrivances Curiosly Carved: Scrimshaw In The New Bedford Whaling Museum", By Stuart Frank, published by David R. Godine Boston, page 207. There are two examples of serpent like crimpers they may be carved by the same hand.
Condition: The crimper is in fine condition and has a warm deep patina and an excellent polish. There is a small loss that is hard to see at the underside of the seal mouth on the left.
Dimensions: Length 8 ½, Height 4, Inches