CH Gifford (1839-1904)
Oil on canvas depicting probably the whaleship Alice B. Knowles leaving New Bedford Harbor signed and dated in red lower left C.H. Gifford/ 99-.  Palmer’s Light is to the right in the background, with a fishing boat in the foreground. There are a few scattered sail boats in the background. The whaleship has good detail and is sailing at an angle towards the viewer there are flags flying from the main masts and the American flag from the gaff. There are two whaleboats clearly painted hanging from davits along the starboard side of the vessel. The sea and sky are beautifully painted and the painting is very bright.
Provenance: Accompanying the painting is a letter signed Ingrid Flynn which was written in July of 2021. It States:
Provenance for the oil painting on canvas in its original frame, presumably depicting the whale ship Alice Knowles leaving New Bedford Harbor. (PA1027)
The painting is from a direct Knowles descendent, owners of the bark. The most recent owner of the painting, Ingrid Flynn, received the painting from her father, Charles Kelley III, whose mother was Lora Standish Knowles. The painting has always been in the family.
Dimensions of Painting (sight): Height 25 3/4, Width 41 3/4, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 36 1/2, 52 1/2, Inches