Oil on canvas with silkwork picture by Thomas Willis, circa 1890.  Below the hull the picture is captioned: THE YACHT AMERICA CUP WINNER IN 51.  America is shown with her black velvet hull and distinctive gold embroidered trailboards.  There is a number of deck details including the round cockpit.  America is shown with her proper rig with a topsail only on the main mast.  The Union Jack which is embroidered is flying from the top mast and the American yacht ensign is flying off the gaff.  All the sails have penciled lines showing the sail seams and the mainsail has two rows of penciled drawn reef points.  The painting has a colorful somewhat primitive painted sky and water.     (PA-868)
Condition of painting:  The hull, sails and rigging are in excellent untouched condition as is the painted background.  The painting retains its original walnut frame with gold liner.
Dimensions of painting:  13 7/8 x 22 inches.
Dimensions of frame:  18 1/4 x 26 3/8 inches.