About Hyland Granby Antiques - Dealers in Marine Art & Antiques

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The Business

Hyland Granby Antiques was founded in 1976 by Janice Hyland and Alan Granby. The business specializes in buying and selling museum quality 18th & 19th Century maritime / marine antiques and paintings including works of marine art by well known artists such as James Buttersworth and Antonio Jacobsen, two of the important 19th century marine artists and ship portraitists.

Hyland Granby Antiques has maintained a large inventory of fine 18th and 19th century American nautical antiques, including Nantucket baskets, tallcase and ships' clocks, campaign and nautical furniture, folk art including American eagles, scientific instruments, marine paintings, photographs and prints with a maritime theme, scrimshaw, ships models and walking sticks. This firm has bought and sold many of the most important maritime antiques to come on the market in the last thirty years.

Marine Art and Antiques Consulting Services

In addition to buying and selling, Hyland Granby Antiques provides a consulting service to help museums, non-profit organizations and private collectors in acquiring marine art and antiques. In addition to consulting many important private collections, Hyland Granby Antiques has worked with the following:

  • Coast Guard Academy Museum, New London, Connecticut
  • Herreshoff Maritime Museum, Bristol, Rhode Island
  • Museum of Yachting, Newport, Rhode Island
  • Seaman's Church Institute, New York City
  • New York Yacht Club, New York City and Newport, Rhode Island
  • Corinthin Yacht Club, Phildelphia PA

Our Background

Alan Granby and Janice HylandJanice Hyland received her B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Boston University. Her doctoral work was in library science.

Alan Granby received his bachelor's degree from Clark University and his M.A. and Ph.D. at Boston University. Alan Granby's doctoral work was in media and technology.


During 2005, Alan Granby has lectured about the Foster collection for the follwing institutions:

  • New York Yacht Club, 44th Street Club House, New York City
  • Museum of Yachting and Redwood Library, Newport, Rhode Island
  • International Yacht Restoration School, Classic Yacht Regatta, Padanaram, MA.
  • Nantucket Historical Society, Nantucket, MA.
  • New York Yacht Club, Harbor Court, Newport, Rhode Island


Alan Granby has produced and edited a book titled: A Yachtman's Eye which was published in 2004. The focus of the book is the history of marine art of the late 18th and 19th century with a emphasis on American and English yachting.


THINGS I LOVE, The Many Collections of William I. KochIn 2005, Alan Granby and Janice Hyland wrote a chapter for the book THINGS I LOVE, The Many Collections of William I. Koch. This book was published by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and is an exhibition catalogue for an exhibit held at the MFA in the Fall of 2005.

Alan Granby and Janice Hyland have also produced and edited a book discussing the entire Maritime Collection of William I Koch. The book is the Exhibition Catalogue for an exhibit titled: "Upon the Sea" to be held at the Society for the Four Arts in Palm Beach. The book is entitled Maritime Maverick: The Collection of William I. Koch



The most recent book produced and edited by Alan Granby and Janice Hyland is Flying the Colors: The Unseen Treasures of 19th century American Marine Art. The book explores the well-known and unsung masters of 19th century American marine painting and their work in America and abroad. Most of the works displayed are in private collections and thus rarely seen.