Oil on wood panel, depicting a patriotic scene with eagles and flags, American, circa 1880.  The painting is particularly well executed with outstanding detail.  The bald eagle's wings are outstretched, his head is turned right and has wonderful white highlights.  The eagle's beak is holding a flowing banner which is gold and red and has the black painted slogan: 'E PLURIBUS UNUM'. The eagle is clutching an American shield with his talons.  The shield is set at an angle and has thirteen alternating red and white stripes below a blue ground with thirty-seven well defined white five pointed stars.  The shield is outlined in gold.  In the eagle's left talon, he is clutching an olive branch and in the right talon he is clutching a set of arrows.  Flanking the shield and rising up behind the eagle's wings are two beautifully rendered draped American flags.  The tips of the poles are gold painted spades with flowing gold ropes with tassles hanging from them. Below each flag and angling upward are green painted leafy forms.  The background color is chrome yellow which sets off the eagle and flags brilliantly. (FA-709) 
Condition of wood panel:  The paint is in excellent condition with some minor typical crackalure.  There are a few scattered abrasions to the yellow background. 
Condition of frame:  The painting has a period walnut frame with ebonized bands.  It has a gold liner with fancy decoration.  The frame is not original to the panel. Note:  There is speculation that this panel was used as decoration on a fire pumper. 
Dimensions of wood panel (sight):  5 1/2 x 19 1/2. 
Dimensions of frame:  10 5/8 x 24 1/2.