Outstanding 30 inch globe, signed: "Weber Costello Co. Chicago Heights Ill.", and dated on the stand: "1911".  The globe is set at North and South Poles into a brass circumference ring which is 1 1/2 inches wide.  The circumference ring is engraved "0-90" degrees at each of the four quadrants.  At the top of the globe is a pierced rotating ring which is engraved for the meridian lines.  The globe is made from 36 paper gores that reach approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter at the equator and taper as they extend towards the North and South Poles.  The engraving is very crisp and features the various continents, countries and cities of the world.  A large variety of international shipping routes are drawn and identified.  The globe sits in its original carved mahogany and crotch grain mahogany veneer stand. The stand has three carved feet which are scrolled on the sides and has acanthus leaf carvings on the top.  There is a triangular shape base above the feet with a sausage carved pattern around the perimeter.  At the center of the triangle is a beautifully turned and carved mahogany section which has a brass fitting at its top with a roller which supports the bottom of the circumference ring and allows it to rotate.  Rising from the triangluar base are three serpentine legs that have beautiful molded bases.  The front face of each leg has carved fluting leading up to a carved acanthus leaf.  Sitting on top of the legs is a circular mahogany top with a rope carve border at the bottom and a medallion and flute carved top which expands beyond the flame grain mahogany veneer sides.  Mounted above each leg and in front of the mahogany veneer are beautifully carved mahogany lions.  On top of the base is the original engraved scales showing the months of the year, the days of the month, the zodiac signs, compass directions and engraved 90 degree quadrants. (I-632) 


Note: Accompanying the globe is a photograph of Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, sitting next to a 30 Inch Johnston Globe.  In the actual photo, you can see the backwards italics (Johnston's speciality) and the outlines of each of the 48 states. Condition:  The globe is in untouched original condition. The engraved scales on top of the stand have had a few minor repairs. Note: The Weber Costello Co. was founded in Chicago in 1907 by globe maker Thomas Costello.  Prior to establishing his own firm, Costello was vice-president of the C.F. Weber & Co., a maker of school supplies. C.F. Weber acquired the globe maker, A.H. Andrews, and rapidly became one of the largest globe makers in America.  Very few of the 30 inch size globes, with the heavily carved stand, were produced and rarely does one appear on the market. 
Dimensions:  Height 49 inches; Diameter 42 inches.