Admiralty style model of the brig, "Walborg", English or continental, circa 1840.  The hull is constructed from several laminations of a light colored hardwood below the waterline and a few sections of what appears to be ebony above the waterline.  The hull has an applied keel and rudder.  The rudder is hinged at four points and the brass work on the hinges is of high quality consistent with the overall construction quality of the model.  Up towards the bow is a beautifully carved ivory figurehead of a male bust with scrollwork.  Just back from the figurehead on each side of the hull is an applied nameboard.  The name, "Walborg", is in gold lettering as is the border of the nameboard.  Below the nameboard are applied gold trailboards.  The hull has a raised fore and rear deck.  All the decks are constructed of a light colored wood with black scribe lines delineating the planking.  Inside of the bulwarks and between molded strips is a green painted space with etched diamond shape decorations.  Mounted to the deck are several detail fittings which include: bowsprit, water pump, windlass, deckhouse, snub mast, additional pumps, balustraded pinrail with ship's bell and deckhouse.  The deckhouse is beautifully constructed with multicolored wood paneling and including two glazed doors facing the stern. Mounted to the rear deck is a companionway hatch, skylight with brass protecting rods and a metal and ivory ship's wheel.  The model sits on a pair of sculptural supports.  The supports are made in two parts.  The upper part which is copper colored and is shaped like an oarlock has a beautifully turned brass inverted finial.  The bottom section of support is made from a heavy metal casting that is painted white.  Each of these sections has six serpentine shaped scrolled arms above a raised base supported by six leaf shape feet.  The bases sit on a beautiful period case.  The base of the case is bird's-eye maple with beautifully turned circular ebonized feet.  The top section of the case is brass and is glazed on all four sides and top.  The selection of materials, the use of ivory, the detail and overall sculptural quality of the model is outstanding. (SM-434) 
Condition:  The model has a beautiful mellow age patina as does the case. The model and case are in generally excellent original condition. 
Dimensions of case:  Length 35 3/8 inches; Width 12 inches; Height 15 5/8 inches.