American centennial carved rosewood frame with history of war implement with American eagle holding a banner, circa 1876. The frame has highly detailed applied carvings to all four sides. The carvings are all in natural wood and represent weapons of war from the Roman Empire period through the American Civil War. There are helmets and shields, swords and muskets. There are carved drums that show the side ropes and even the drum sticks. There are mixed in nautical themes including anchors, three corner hat and cannons. On the right side of the frame is a coiled snake. Mounted to the top center is a full bodied spread winged eagle with an American shield below and a flowing banner which states E- Pluribus Unum. The inner border of the frame has a thin plain liner with applied five-pointed stars around the perimeter.
Condition: The frame and its carvings are all in excellent condition. The old mirror maybe original and has oxidation.
Dimensions: Height 25 1/2, Width 15 1/4, Depth 3 inches