Attractive Small Puzzle Box in the Form of a Ship's hull American or English, circa 1850. The hull is carved from mahogany. Near the top of the hull are a pair of scribe lines running the length. There are inlaid ebony and mother-of pearl gunports inlaid between the scribe lines. The top of the box has various contrasting wood designs inlaid int top. One section of the top slides back while another pivots to the right exposing the hollow hull which can be used to store small objects. The puzzle action is in good working order.The puzzle box has a wood cradle that is trimmed around the perimeter with bone strips. (FA1122)
Condition: The box is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina.
Dimensions: Length 5 1/8 Inches, Width I ¼ Inches, Hight with base 1 7/8yh Inches