Cast gilded brass eagle from a design of John Haley Bellamy, American, circa 1880.  The eagle is clutching a bent shaped arrow.  The eagle's head and neck are angled up in a straight position. The head and beak are typical of Bellamy's exaggerated beak form.  The eagles' wings are in an up-right position and the tail feathers are outstretched in line with the head and neck. (FA-858) 
Reference I:  'The Heritage of Woodcarving An Exhibition of Decorative Arts by John Haley Bellamy, Master Ship Carver and Seven Rockland, Maine, Carvers', pp. 9 & 17.  Page 9 describes at item number 6: 'Partly carved mahogany eagle is probably the last eagle Bellamy worked on and never finished.  It was located by Joseph Frost when removing Bellamy's work benches from his wood carving shop.'  Size of this eagle: 5 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches.  Page 17 has an illustration of this unfinished work and it is clearly the identical form and size as the one described above. 


Reference II: Smith, Yvonne Brault, 'John Haley Bellamy Carver of Eagles', Portsmouth Marine Society, Publication I, 1982, p. 70.  This page has a reproduction of a photograph from the collection of the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts depicting an eagle with arrow of almost identical form to the pair descibed above. This book depicts numerous examples of Bellamy eagles.  It is interesting to note the stylistic similarities. 
Condition:  The eagles retains much of the original gold leaf surface which has some scattered loss.  The casting is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina. 
Dimensions:  Length 12 1/4; Height 6 1/2 inches.