Exceptional cane with carved ivory grip with American patriotic scenes, circa 1876. The "L" shaped ivory grip is carved in the form of a branch with a perched full body eagle. The carving of the ivory grip is outstanding. As a miniature carving it is hard to imagine that the detail could be so realistic. The head and beak are meticulously rendered as is the body and wings which have beautifully articulated feathers. The tail feathers are much longer than the body feathers and are very realistic. Each of the eagle's three talons are meticulously articulatd and are life-like. Below the "L" section of the grip is a second ivory section that fastens into the malacca shaft. The lower section is beaded around the top perimeter and on one side has a raised patriotic carving depicting a spread winged eagle clutching an American shield. The shield has 13 raised stars and below the shield has vertical stripes. The opposite side of the ivory section has a raised carved bust depicting George Washington. Below the grip is a narrow silver spacer followed by the malacca tapered shaft terminating with the original metal ferrule. (WS-236)
Condition: The cane has a warm mellow patina and is in excellent condition.
Length: 34 1/2 inches.