Non-Military Carved and painted half hull model of the 26-foot Motor whaleboat, American circa 1920. The model is mounted on a black painted backboard with a beveled perimeter.  The model is painted gray above the waterline and green below. There is an orange applied molding along the top of the hull, a lower applied orange molding along part of the center portion of the hull. There is an applied keel that runs along the bottom of the full length of the hull. There is an applied tiller and rudder that is painted green, gray and orange. (SM0712)
Condition: The model is in excellent condtion and retains its original painted surface which has a crackled age patina.
Dimensions: Length 29 Inches, Height 8 3/4 Inches
The polychrome hull is like the 26' U.S. Navy Motorized Whaleboat.
It is in civilian colors. The navy typically painted theirs white or gray without a contrasting underbody. They certainly did not have orange rub rails.
The design was derived from the traditional New Bedford style whaleboat, which was renowned for its sea worthiness, carrying capacity and handling. That lineage is intentionally noted in the “whaleboat” classification. The hull was modified especially at the stern to accommodate a shaft, propellor and the engine. Other similar sized boats are classified as: motor launches, utility boats, and tenders. None resemble the whaleboat form. 
The model in question was most likely non-military, purpose-built . The paint is original to the model and leads to the conclusion that it was built for civilian use based on the motorized whaleboat design. There would be no reason to decorate a working naval model. Decommissioned whaleboats were and remain popular as launches, utility boats and tour boats. 
Boats of the U. S. Navy
Washington, D.C.: Govt. Printing Office, 1960
Unpaginated, spiral bound.

26' Motor Whaleboat
Purpose: Transport / lifeboat
Capacity: 22 including crew
Crew: 2
Length Overall :    26'3/8"
Beam: 7' 4-5/8"
Draft: 2' 4" loaded
Construction : Round bottom, wood frame, carved planked
Speed: 7 knots full load
Range: 100 nautical miles full load
Engine : 1-2 cylinder diesel, 25hp at 2,000 rpm, Fairbanks Morse model