Carved and Turned, Decorative Object in the form of a Quiver with Arrows from an American Masonic lodge circa 1880. The quiver is beautifully turned and tapered. From the top down there are four raised bands all four of which are gilded.  There are four black painted bands above or below the raised gilded bands. The bottom of the quiver has a raised carved and gilded bottom section with a brass ring at the end. There are five false arrows with red shafts and gilded feathers (2 feathers per arrow) with black painted accents. Between the top two bands is a decorative gold leaf with black detailing stenciled decoration. 
Condition: The quiver and arrows have a beautifully preserved painted and gilded surface with a gentle craquelure finish and only minor imperfections. One arrow is missing one of its feathers. 
Length: 27 inches