Carved, gilded and painted mahogany spread winged eagle, signed on reverse in script: "Peter Q. Libbey", circa 1998.  The eagle is remarkably well carved and highly defined feathers unique to the style of the master carver, Peter Libbey.  The head and neck, upper wing and lower wing feathers are carved with a different type of feather creating a wonderful range of style.  The upper wing feathers are carved in extremely deep relief and rised with a gentle curve off the back of the wing.  The head is beautifully articulated.  The beak is defined with a raised lip around the lower portion of the upper beak, a detail rarely seen in carved eagles.  The head has a hand-painted eye which from a distance appears like glass. The articulated talons and claws are clutching a raised American shield.  The top surface of the shield is curved and the white bands in the shield are raised from the adjacent red stripes.  The gray painted border of the shield is also raised as are the white painted stars.  Behind the eagle's wings and the shield is a black painted border which meets with the elaborate backboard. The backboard has a beautifully curved shape. There is a carved shell detail at the top center and a deeply raised gilded band which runs around the perimeter of the backboard.  The face of the backboard has a bright work natural mahogany finish which contrast beautifully against the gilded border and the gilded eagle.  This carving is a twentieth century masterpiece. (FA-931) 


Condition:  Outstanding. Note:  Peter Libbey is a master carver who has lived in the woods of Maine.  All of his eagles are carved by hand in the traditional style.  He has been considered for years to be the finest carver of twentieth century American eagles.  His production has been extremely limited due to the time and intensity to create each carving.  He provided his services to the top boat builders restoring and building classic yachts. Examples of his work almost never appear in the market place. Dimensions:  Length 60 inches;  Height 20 inches; Depth 9 inches.