Exceptional carved mahogany tiller with magnificently articulated patterns, English, circa 1880.  The end of the tiller is carved in the form of a rosebud, below is a brass hand grip above a cylindrical section which is carved with a trellis pattern with flowers carved into each opening. The tiller becomes rectangular along the top. There are two carved patterns within two panels. The top panel has a row of scallop shells.  The bottom panel has a flower with leaf pattern.  The sides also have two panels per side.  The top panel has a straight vine with side leaves and the bottom panel has a scrolling foliage pattern.  The bottom has an incised border and is uncarved. Mortised into the rear of the tiller is a heavy solid brass polished fitting which extends beyond the mahogany where it fastens into the rudder. The tiller has a gentle "S" curved shape. (FA-798) 


Condition:  The tiller is in outstanding condition. 
Dimensions:  Length 73 3/4 inches.