Chelsea 12 Inch dial clock with eight-day reverse pilot house configuration time-only movement circa 1924. The dial is signed below the numeral 12 "CHELSEA CLOCK CO. BOSTON, U.S.A.. The clock has a red brass case and has a typical Chelsea shield shaped hinge. The face is silvered with wax engraved wax filled silvered dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial. The clock has matching numbers #154573 on the case and movement. The back of the case is Marked "Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, U.S.A.". Numbered 154573.
Note: Chelsea Pilot house clocks have a large sub-second dial which is normally below the numeral 12. In the case with this clock the second's dial is reversed and is above the numeral 6. There are no other known examples of this configuration. (CL-594)
Dimensions: Case diameter 14.5". Dial diameter 12". 
Condition: The clock is in good running order. The dial is untouched and is original condition and the case has an old finish and has not been polished in many years if ever.