Chelsea 12” Special Grand Dial, Base and Ball Ship’s Bell Clock. The Serial number 34710 appears on the bottom of the wood insert at the bottom of the base and also on the movement with matching numbers which indicates it was made in January 17, 1908. The movement is signed CHELSEA CLOCK CO., BOSTON U.S.A and below signed Patented Oct. 25, 1898, Sept. 19 1899, June 5, 1900, Patent in Great Britian May 341, 1900. The movement is numbered #34710The clock was sold to the retailer who's name is written on the top of the dial and is signed "Bailey Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia".  The clock retains if its original brass filigree circular insert in the dial and fancy pieced hands. The clock has its original yellow brass case with ball feet. 
Note: There are fewer than 10 such clocks known. This clock is featured on the home page of the web site “Chelsea Clock Museum” which is the most scholarly and detailed presentation on the history of American Ship clocks anywhere.  (CL0591)
Condition: The case and the dial have been restored and the movement has been recently overhauled by Lenny Taube, Master Chelsea clock maker for over 30 years.