Chelsea 6 inch desk set "Columbus" model, Boston, circa 1930.The clock has an engraved silver dial with Arabic numerals and is engravod above the center with the retailers name "NEGUS NEW YORK". The dial is engraved "CHELSEA SHIP'S BELL" below the center of the dial.  The matching barometer has the engraved barometer settings above and a thermometer below.  The clock and barometer are each mounted on a red brass base and both of these bases are mounted on a long narrow base with ball feet.  Both the clock and barometer retain the original bevel glass.  The clock retains its original 8 day movement. (CL-586) 
Condition:  The desk set retains its original red brass cases which has a fine patina. The movement is telling accurate time and the striking is also working properly.
Dimensions:  Height 9 1/8 inches; Width 15 3/4 inches; Depth 4 inches.