Hand-colored lithograph by T.G. Dutton based on a painting by R.L. Stopford.  The print was published in London may 25, 1871.  The exact name of work is "ANGLO-AMERICAN ATLANTIC YACHT RACE of 1870.  Start of the Yachts Dauntless and Cambria from Queenstown for New York on the 4th July. DAUNTLESS: AMERICAN SCHOONER YACHT, 321 Tons R.T.Y.C. rule and 268 N.Y.Y.C. rule (James Gordon Bennett Jun. Esq: Vice-Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, Owner).Time 23 days 7 hours CAMBRIA: ENGLISH SCHOONER YACHT, 188 Tons R.T.Y.C. rule 227 6 N.Y.Y.C. rule (James Ashbury Esq. Commodore of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Owner). Time 23 days 5 hours 17 minutes & 15 Seconds."    The image depicts the two yachts at the starting line.  There is a steamship to the right with a puff of smoke from the starting gun.  There is a huge number of vessels observing the beginning of this historic race.  This race was the precursor to the first America's cup race that was held a few months later in 1870. The fact that Cambria beat the great Yacht Dauntless put alot a fear into the American's reguarding the America's chances against her. This is a rare print that seldom appears on the market.
Condition: Slight even toning and in very good condition.
Dimensions:  Image 17.75" x 25" sight. 
Dimensions Frame:  27" x 35"."