Carved and painted pine eagle, signed on reverse by the carver: "W.A. Libbey", 2007.  The eagle is carved in a style after J.H. Bellamy.  The white painted eagle has a turned head facing right.  The eagle has a pronounced beak and raised pointed tongue.  The mouth, tongue, eye and beak detail are all red.  The eagle's wings are outstretched to the left and right.  All of the feathers on the neck and wing are incised.  Below the neck and running along side the left wing is a flowing American shield with incised white painted five pointed star.  The eagle's beak is holding a banner which flows left and right.  Painted on the banner in blue and red shadow lettering is the slogan: "Don't Give Up the Ship!"  The center of the banner is blue with red pinstripping.  There are two incised five pointed white painted stars on each side of the beak. (FA-724) 


Condition:  Excellent. Note:  William Libbey learned the carving trade from the master carver, his father Peter Libbey. William's production is limited to the winter when he takes a break from his primary career as a Maine lobsterman. 
Dimensions: Length 50 inches; Height 6 inches; Depth 4 1/2 inches.