Carved and painted large sized Noah's Ark, made in Germany for the American market, circa 1880.  The ark looks like a barge with a house on top.  On the front and side the house has an elaborately painted blue border beneath the roof.  The windows are on a wood panel which slides allowing access to an empty cavity where the animals and figures were once stored.  The arch has a painted roof simulating shingles and on one side there is a painted bird.  There are 139 carved and painted figures.  Most of the figures are in pairs which include zebras, monkeys, birds, elephants and even insects, etc.  There are four carved and painted figures of people which include Noah and his family.  The ark and figures are displayed on a backboard with shelves and a zigzag ramp displaying the figures as though they are marching towards the ark.  The detail of the ark and the individual figures are of a higher quality and have more decorative elements than many of the Noahs' Arks from the same era. (FA-1095) 
Condition:  The ark and figures are extremely well preserved and retain the original painted surfaces.  The backboard with ramps has been recently constructed for the purpose of displaying the ark and figures. 
Dimensions of backboard:  Height 66 inches; Width 42 inches. 
Dimensions of ark: Height 20 inches; Width 34 inches; Depth 9 3/4 inches.