Extremely rare and important hand-painted Liverpool jug, made for the American market, circa 1800.  The obverse has a large circular border with a fine line with a small space with a heavy line border both of which are hand-painted.  The image is titled below on the left bottom border in hand in black ink stating: "When the First Sea Struck her." and above is a hand- painted brig being struck by a wave and demasting her four topmasts and her mizzenmast while above the vessel lighting is depicted.  Captioned to the right below the border by hand with black ink states: "The Second."  The image above depicts the same brig being hit by a larger wave causing further destruction.  The sky is transfer printed, however the ships and sea are a hand-painted original work of art. The reverse has a similar circular double border to the obverse.  The image on the reverse depicts the brig jury rigged sailing towards the shore.  Her sails are billowing and she is flying a large American flag.  To the right of the brig is a dory with oarsmen and to the left a spit of land with a tower.  The sky is blue with billowing clouds.  The sea has a stylized look and is painted with a few shades of green.  This entire image is an original painting executed by a skillful hand.  The top, spout, base and handle have a black painted border decoration.  Below the spout, the initials: "EEC" are painted in fancy script. (MI-597) 


Note:  There are only a hand full of hand-painted Liverpool jugs in existence.  Most of these are in museum collections. Provenance:  Guthman Americana, Connecticut    S. Robert Teitelman, Philadelphia  - Robert Teitelman was probably the preeminent collector of Liverpool ware of all time.  This jug was one of his most prized examples of the hand-painted jugs in his collection.  Most of Mr. Teitelman's finest pieces were given to the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware.  The base has a round yellow sticker with the catalog number #CAT SRT 85.5 and a small white rectangular label with the number #LO8.1008.8. 
Condition:  There is a repaired cracked which runs down through the center of the obverse image and around part of the base.  There is a hairline crack on one side of the spout. 
Dimension: Height 9 inches.