Extremely large late 18th century hour glass, probably English and possibly European.  The wood frame of the hour glass is probably elm wood.  The hour glass sits on a round base and when it is reversed it has an identical round base. The top surface of both bases have turned rings, bands and at the center a raised dome. The bottom side which the glass sits into has turned bands of various widths. Interconnecting the top and bottom are four baluster turned posts which mortise into each of the bases. Holding the sand are opposing blown glass vials that are somewhat pear-shaped and the narrow ends meet at the center with a woven sting connector. The base of each of the glass vials has a round brown cloth padded pillow that protects the glass. (I-904)
Condition: Each of the round turned discs on opposite sides of the instrument have typical shrink cracks. The sand flows thru for a short time and then stops. The instrument is structurally sound and has an old, mellow patina. Two of the balusters show some wear.
Note: 18th Century hour glass instruments of this size and scale are extremely rare.
Dimensions: Height 17 3/4, Diameter of Top and Bottom discs 7 5/8 inches