Mahogany boxed dry card whale boat compass, signed on the card F.W. LINCOLN 7 CO. BOSTON. MASS. The compass card is divided into eight sections with 64 degree markings around the outside perimeter. The card is set into green painted wood bowl and is set into a two-part metal gimballed ring. The ring is attached at opposite sides to the box and there is a wood wedge that was used to lock the gimbal ring when not in use. The dovetailed pine box has a sliding mahogany top. The front of the box has a black stencil with the word “WOOD."    (I -918)
Condition:  The compass and box are in excellent condition and have a mellow age patina.
Note:  Frederick W. Lincoln was born 2/27/1817 and was the grandson of Paul Revere and apprenticed to the well-known American instrument maker Gedney King. In 1858 Lincoln’s apprentice Charles Hutchinson joined the firm and added the words Jr. & Co. to the end of his name which remained till the firm was sold to Hutchinson in 1883. Lincoln served as mayor to Boston during the Civil War and died in 1898. 
Dimension of Compass: Diameter 7 inches.
Dimensions of Box: Height 6 ¾, Width 10, Depth 10 inches.