Large and Exceptional natal Carved mahogany and brass ship's barometer signed on the ivory scales "Thos Downie Hamburg" English circa 1850. The head of the barometer has a carved crown finial above a curved glass protecting the engraved ivory scales with double adjustable rack and pinion ivory Vernier scales. The mercury tube is visible through the glass and the barometer is in working order. The barometer retains its original gimbal which allows the barometer to be rotated left or right up to 360 degrees. Below the gimbal is a sympiesometer with thermometer  which are in operating condition. The shaft of the barometer on opposite sides of the sympiesometer and behind is a spiral rope carved design that is handsomely executed. Below the sympiesometer is carved bulbous decoration above the brass cestern. Typicaly ship's barometers with rope carving have thermometers mounted on the front, this is the only example we have examined which is  fitted with a sympiesometer. (I-907)
Provenance: This barometer hung for many years in the Nantucket harbor home of  Nelson Doubleday Jr..  Nelson Doubleday owned the family company Doubleday Publishing. He also owned the New York Mets Baseball Team and the Islanders Hockey Team. He was an avid yachtsman and collector of maritime art and artifacts.
Condition: This baromter is in excellent condition and has a deep warm patina. It is complete in all respects and is one of the largest and most elegant ship's barometers we have seen. 
Dimensions: Length 48 1/2 Inches, Depth off the wall 14 1/2 Inches