Exceptional and enlarged whale ivory crimper, American, mid-nineteenth century.  The entire crimper is carved from a single section of whale tooth.  Given the length and width of the crimper, it had to have been made from a massive tooth. The upper section of the crimper is shaped like a pistol grip and has interestingly carved grooved patterns on each side of the grip which look like moldings on the top and bottom.  The bottom of the grip has a metal pin fitting which holds an ivory shackle which pivots in the pin.  The front section moves forward at a ninety degree angle and then curves up.  The end of this section has a loop with a metal pin at the center which holds the wheel.  The forward section has four pierced decorations and a three tine fork at the top. The wheel is beautifully constructed and has four pierced triangles as the spokes of the wheel. (SC1095)
Condition:  The crimper is in excellent condition. The fork tines have typical warpage. 
Provenance:  This crimper is very similar to one in the Barbara Johnson Collection and was sold at Sotheby's at the second sale on September 25, 1982 and is illustrated in a catalogue as Lot 417. 
Exhibitions:  Mystic Seaport Museum, Nantucket Whaling Museum 
Dimensions:  Length 7 inches; Width 4 inches.