Fancy Carved Whale Ivory and Whale Bone Scrimshaw Walking Stick American circa 1860. The cane has a very finely carved whale ivory grip in the form of a monkey’s fist with a “'worm parcel and lay rope pattern” short shaft. There is a brass ring making the transition from the ivory grip to the whale bone shaft. The whale bone shaft is profusely carved and has 8 carving patterns or transitions and then terminates with a metal feral and tip.  The top of the shaft has a carved Turks’ head pattern fallowed by a second “worm parcel and lay pattern”. There is a longer fluted section fallowed by a raised diamond narrow section. Below the diamonds is a short rope twist section and then a shorter raised arrow head carving and fallowed by a longer “worm parcel and lay” rope pattern and ending with a smooth final section. The cane has a gentle taper from the top of the grip to the tip of the feral. (WS-250)
Condition. The cane is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina. The shaft is straight and has no apparent warp as is normal condition issue with many scrimshaw canes. There is a small dark red drip of old sealing wax located on one of the raised arrows around the middle of the shaft. 
Length: 37 Inches