Carved and painted half hull model with her name “URSULA 121 Tons” painted in gold on the bottom right corner of the backboard launched 1879. The model is constructed of a number of light wood possibly pine laminations carved into the shape of this schooner yacht. The model is painted black above the waterline. There is an applied bow sprit knee mounted on the backboard along with a raised tailboard with beautifully painted scrolls and vines. The end of the tailboard has typically shaped billet head. There are two snub masts applied to the backboard.  About a ½ inch below the deck there is a black painted decorative cove stripe attached and raised from the hull. The backboard has rounded corners with a molded edge around the perimeter. (SM0710)
Reference: A letter from Pat Schaefer Collections Researcher at Mystic Seaport indicates that “Ursula” formerly “Olivia” was built as a schooner with a tonnage of 121 Tons. She had a length of 93.01”, Beam 17. feet
And she drew 10.5 feet. The yacht was designed by and built by C. Hanson & Sons, Isle of Wight, England. The yacht was launched in 1879. She was sold to  Rev. John B. Morgan of Newport who was a member of the NYYC and her name was changer to "Ursula". This information came from the “American Yacht List 1897”.
Condition: The backboard is in excellent condition. The is a small wood loss at the top of the transom. Along the hulls surface there are a few surface dings and a tiny loss the wood finish near the center of the hull.
Dimensions: Length 46 Inches, Height 11 Inches.