Full Plate Ambrotype of seaman George W. Dodge in his American Sailor dress holding an ebony octant with his telescope on a table top to his left, American, circa 1856. The image is extremely crisp and there is some hand-coloring on his checks. The photgraph was taken by the New Bedford photographer Charles Ebenzer Hawes (1816-1897) who was in partnership with Albert Francis Hawes (1821-1897).     (PH-435)
Note 1: George W. Dodge age and birthdate unknown was a green-hand on the ship Arnolda of New Bedford was captained by Captain Richard D.Wood 1848-52. Dodge was also either 4th mate or steward on the New Bedford Whaler Gay Head 1852-56. It is likely this picture was taken in New Bedford after he returned from this voyage. The ambrotype retains its orignal mat and gold leaf frame. The frame has a stepped liner and the outer frame is beautifully carved with a leaf and acorn pattern.
***Information in this description is the courtesy of Dr. Stuat Frank.
Note 2: There are a few daguerreotypes and and ambotypes by Charles Hawes in the collection of the  Bedford Whaling Museum including one of an unidentified seaman. Most of the known images are sixth plates and there are some later cabinet cards that bear the photgraphers name and New Bedford address of 68 Purchase Street.
Condition: The ambrotype is in extremely fine untouched condition and the frame has a deep melow original finish as well.
Information in this description is the courtesy of Dr. Stuat Frank.
Dimensions of Image Sight: Height 7 1/4, Width 5 1/2, Inches
Dimensions of Mat Sight: Height 8 1/4, Width 6 1/4, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 13 1/2, Width 11 1/2, Inches