Bricher, Alfred Thompson (American 1837-1908) 
Oil on canvas, depicting the mountainous shoreline and rocks of Grand Manan, signed lower left: "A T Bricher", circa 1882.  This painting is a powerful example of one of Bricher's dramatic Grand Manan seascapes.  The surf is breaking on the rocks in the left foreground.  Along the cliffs in the distance, one sees surf breaking but there is the additional quality of a spray mist rising from the surf along the lower edges of the rocky cliff. Rising up the cliff, there are patches of green. The sky is also very dramatic and at the center above the peak in the cliff is a break in the dark clouds with patches of light and blue sky.  To the right of the cliff is a flock of gulls caught in the same light.  In the distance in the water is a small open boat with a sailboat beyond. (PA-400) 
Condition of painting:  The painting was recently cleaned, but not lined.  There are a few small scattered areas of in-paint. 
Condition of frame:  The painting retains its original frame.  The flat surfaces have been regilded and a small amount of the outside trim has been replaced. 
Reference:  Brown, Jeffrey R., "Alfred Thompson Britcher  1837-1908", Exhibition catalog for Indianapolis Museum of Art  September 12 - October 28, 1973 and George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum  November 25, 1973 - January 13, 1974. Other examples of Britchers' paintings of Grand Manan appear on pages 59, 63, 65 and 75.  The painting illustrated on page 69 titled: "The Bishop-Grand Manan" has many similar characteristics to the painting described above. 
Dimensions (sight):  39 1/2 x 29 1/2. Dimensions of frame:  46 3/4 x 57.