Rare salesman's sample tennis racket, signed in gold on one side of the racket: "GREAVES & THOMAS EXTRA LIGHT", English, twentieth century 1/50 made.  The top section of the racket is made of oak and has multiple laminations.  At the base of the head there is a curved insert with  a contrasting like mahogany color where the racket is signed.  The back of the racket is stamped: "G & T LONDON".  The bottom of each side of the curved head is wrapped with a shellac cloth for approximately 6 1/4 inches.  The side of the handle on one side is stamped: "13 OZ.".  The top section of the handle is laminated and is a continuation of the head.  The lower 18 1/2 inch section of the handle is square with rounded edges.  The base of the racket is eight sided and is covered with brown leather.  The racket retains its original woven string which may be catgut. (FA-680)