Carved pine and mahogany laminated half hull model of a speedboat, American, circa 1920.  The model is constructed of eight (8) mahogany lifts below the waterline and seven (7) lifts of pine above the waterline.  There is an applied mahogany deck on the front section of the hull.  The balance of the hull at the top is painted black.  The hull tapers to a tiny transom which has an applied mahogany surface.  The model is mounted on a pine backboard with an ebonized veneered top and has an applied natural mahogany border. 
Note:  Half models of early speedboats are very rare. Condition:  The model has an untouched original surface.  There are a few age cracks to the ebonized backboard. 
Dimensions:  Height 7 1/2 inches; Length 38 inches.