Handsome and Rare POW box, carved in the shape up a ship’s hull, English circa 1800. The hull has 2 applied strips of baleen between a bone strip applied with tiny fastenings. At the bow are carved and scribed bone trail boards with a carved bone figurehead of a full-figured woman. The top of the box has four pieces of bone covering the top surface. At the bow section on the top is a scrimshaw like engraved image of a mermaid with open arms. There is a raised carved piece of wood which hinges forward providing access to the snuff storage area below. The box sits on a carved mahogany base mad at a later date than the box. (FA1121)
Condition:The box is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina.
Dimensions: Length 5 Inches, Width 1 1/2 Inches, Height on stand 2 1/2 Inches