A multi-tiered gold and enameled medal, American, dated 1897-8.  The top tier is a pinback bar which is engraved: "1897. Championship. 1898."  This and all following tiers are connected with small chainlinks.  The next tier is a magnificently detailed pool stick below a pair of banners separated by an Indian head.  The two part banner states: "MANTAUK CLUB and POOL TOURNAMENT."  Below is another pool stick above a diamond which is above an enamel pool ball which is linked to a miniature pool rack with enamel balls.  The back of the medal is engraved: "WON  FROM  Fifteen competitors by J.T. Beckwith."  The medal has outstanding design elements and the technical execution is superior. (MI-582) Reference:  Article: New York Times, February 17, 1896.  This article mentions a club which competes in bowling, pool, billards and whist.  J.T. Beckwith is specially mentioned in his ability in a pool tournament.  A second article in the New York Times published January 21, 1917 states that Dr. Beckwith was being accused of using the mail to defraud.  These accusations came as a surprise where he had been police surgeon for the last twelve years and was a powerful ally to the mayor of New York. 
Condition:  Outstanding. Dimension:  
Length 4 inches.