Fine historically interesting Large (13 inch diameter) Nantucket work basket with carved oak handle which has the name “E.M. Hinckley” carved in block letters at the top of the handle circa 1870. The basket has oak ribs and is woven with a heavy and strong cane with circular wood base. It is one of ther finest large and early Nantucket work baskets I have examined. 
In an email dated September 17, 2022 from Marie Henke Researcher for the Nantucket Historical Association she reports the information she had gather regarding E.M. Hinckley. One interesting fact she found was that Captain Hinckley was of many Nantucket Pioneers who sailed from Nantucket on board the Ship Martha arriving in 1849 to find their luck in the California gold rush. Marie Henke mentioned that there was a lot of information about Hinkley in the Historic Digital Newspaper Archives on the Nantucket Atheneum website under Reference. There were are 35 articles that mention him including: that he was a coroner in 1838; a surveyor of lumber in 1855, and that he exhibited various produce and livestock at the island Agricultural fairs from 1857-1883. She found that Eben Hinckley was born in 1805 and died in 1885. Also Ebenezer M. Hinckley was a captain out of New Bedford from 1833-1837 to the Pacific ocean. This voyage was fallowed a voyage to the Pacific on board the Nantucket Ship Planter 1837-1841. 
Condition: The basket is in fine condition The weave is tight and there are no breaks. The basket has a warm deep patina and based on the ware shown on the bottom of the base it looks as though it saw a lot of use. There is a split in the wood base. (B 0190)
Dimensions: Top circumference 14 1/2 Inches
Height to top of rim - 9 Inches
Height to top of handle in up position – 18”